Step and skip recognition to strengthen the note-reading skills

Note reading. We all could agree that reading music is an important skill for any [...]

Note-to-key recognition activity

The lessons are in full swing and you want to be ready for any unexpected [...]

Keyboard Geography with Keys on Top Game

Keyboard geography is one of the first concepts the beginner piano student is introduced to. [...]

Listening activity cards for your youngest piano students

Yesterday was the first in many months of quarantine in-person lessons in the studio and [...]

Accidentals on the keys concept reviewing with unicorn printable

Accidentals shouldn’t be difficult. And today’s unicorn-themed printable was created to prove that. It will [...]


3-step Major Scale Building Strategy

When the students are familiar with the whole and half steps it is time to [...]

Music Terms and Signs 5 Minute Review

When I was a piano teacher fresh from college I had trouble understanding how to [...]

C-Intervals Worksheet for Summer Piano Lessons

Intervals anyone? Actually, I love teaching intervals. It is my favourite concept. I do some [...]

Unicorn Ledger Notes Game for Your Beginner Piano Student

Do you have a student who is a good note reader but when it comes [...]

Beginner Piano Sharp Note Reading Worksheet

How many of you had a student who is scared of sharps and sharp note [...]

Top 4 Beginner Piano Lesson Activities for Online Teaching

Welcome to the Piano Heroes blog. Today we are entering the realm of online piano [...]

Integrating Piano Improvisation into Beginner Lesson

Improvisation is a key to sparking creativity and maintaining interest in the process of studying [...]

Free Scheduler Or How can Google Calendar Help your Piano Studio?

Hello and welcome to our blog exploring the questions piano teachers and owners of home-based [...]

Valentine Piano Games and Worksheets

Christmas is a distant memory and it is time to colour your studio in different [...]

How Much Should I Charge for Piano Lessons?

Hello and welcome to a series of blog posts exploring the questions piano teachers often [...]

Bring Fun to the Studio with Unicorn’s Interval Worksheets

Themed worksheets are the best way to add some excitement to your everyday studio practice. [...]


To Commute or Not to Commute, That is The Question?

Hello and welcome to a series of blog posts exploring the questions piano teachers often [...]

Progressive Strategies to Practice Piano Scales

Playing scales is the most common way to develop finger dexterity, hands independents and coordination. [...]

Do I Need a License to Teach the Piano?

Hello and welcome to a series of blog posts exploring the questions piano teachers often [...]

How to Keep Intermediate Piano Students Interested in Piano Lessons

Nowadays children are so over-scheduled with various activities that they hardly have time to live. [...]

20 Intermediate Piano Repertoire Pieces to Inspire

Do you have a list of intermediate piano repertoire pieces to inspire and motivate your [...]

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The Guide to Intermediate Piano Lesson Planning

Intermediate Piano Lesson Planning? Do we need to plan and set goals for each student? [...]

How to Inspire and Motivate Piano Students

Nowadays children are born into a fast-paced, technology-driven world, that changes rapidly and remarkably every [...]

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Beginner Piano Lesson Plan Sample

What is a beginner piano lesson plan, and how can it be your time and [...]