C-Intervals Worksheet for Summer Piano Lessons

C-Intervals Worksheet

Intervals anyone? Actually, I love teaching intervals. It is my favourite concept. I do some prep work by introducing skips, steps, and repeats at a very early stage of learning piano. I cannot recall a single student who didn’t like or didn’t get intervals. And as you know the intervals are a crucial component of successful music reading.

Intervals in C Major

The worksheet includes three exercises. The first one offers the student a chance to review the C Major scale by writing it down in whole notes on the treble clef.


The second exercise adds the next layer – write the C Major scale on already printed Cs. In this way, the student can see how intervals are built. In addition, you can ask your student to play each created interval on the piano.

The last exercise offers a chance to practice recognizing the intervals and writing down the numbers.


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