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Major and Minor Key Signature Worksheets

Major and Minor Key Signature Worksheets

My eleven-year-old student arrived at his lesson sad and unmotivated. Long day at school, having the snack on the run, no time to rest. And here we are, scales, learning a new piece, etc. To put him at ease I pulled up two worksheets, crayons and superhero badges. Because playing a game or doing an […]

Hassle-Free Preparation One-page Piano Games

One-page Piano Games

All the holidays and school breaks are behind. February is a busy time for any piano studio. Pieces have been chosen. Goals have been set. The only thing left is work. How do you keep the lesson fun and engaging, while concentrating on following the curriculum? I have found that one-page piano games are an […]

A Guide to Easter Piano Studio Resources


Another year flew by and we are quickly approaching Easter. For this year I have created a list of my Easter Piano Studio Resources to help me decrease the workload and let my students have a little fun. The list includes printable games, cards and worksheets, assignment pages and even one web game. Easter Piano […]

Sparkle Piano Learning with Valentine’s Piano Games


This week I was working on making special deliveries for my students. It happens that everyone is facing some kind of challenges and I have been on a call with parents every day. To cheer everyone up and help to boost motivation and interest in piano lessons, I have created a few hearty and cute […]

One-page Unicorn Chords Games Free Printable

Unicorn Chords Games

Looks like yesterday we had celebrated Christmas and here we are at the end of January. This month many of my students are introduced to chords first time. To help them with inquiring about the differentiation between root and inversions, I have created Unicorn Chords Games. The Unicorn Chords Sharps and Unicorn Chords Flats cover […]

Unicorn Perfect Intervals Introduction to Piano Beginners


Unicorns are quite a popular theme for the piano studio teaching resources. I have a few of the unicorn-themed printables created over the last year. The students always loved those printables. Here is another one to add to the collection of Unicorn Piano Resources – Unicorn Perfect Intervals worksheet. Why Perfect Intervals? The worksheet is […]

Study Guide for Sentimental Waltz by F. Schubert, RCM Level 6

Study Guide Sentimental Waltz

The holidays went by and the winter term lessons are in a full swing. RCM January Piano Exam is a good milestone to start a new year. For me, it is also a time to make plans and set goals for my students. For that reason, I am sharing my Study Guide for Sentimental Waltz […]

Welcome to Piano Heroes’ Home!

Piano Heroes Blog

2020 year, a year of challenges and uncertainty is coming to an end. We were learning and struggling this year the same way everyone else did. But also, there are a lot of positive things this year has brought. And those forced the changes. The first big and valuable transformation is that we have decided […]

Winter-themed piano resources

winter-themed piano resources

Winter is officially here in Ottawa! Snow, icy roads and happy kids amusing themselves in the park. Hence, those signs pushing me to pull my winter-themed piano resources binder for the next month of piano lessons. Here is my list of what is in. Winter-themed Rhythm Reinforcement In fact, December is the rhythm reinforcement month […]

Interactive online piano games

interactive piano games

I know that everyone might be tired of what is going on around and want this year to end. Frankly, I am trying to look at it as an opportunity. Opportunity to learn, to change, to live. Surely, online teaching is not my favourite type of teaching, but that’s what I am able to do […]