Piano Superhero Compliment Badges

Every pianist likes attention. Especially those who cannot reach the bench ?. But for beginners it is not enough to hear compliments or praise, they want something material. Something they can bring home or school to share with their family and friends. As teachers, I believe that many of us are looking for ways to complement students in order to keep them engaged in everyday practice tasks. That is why you might be interested in Piano Superhero Compliment Badges. I have used them a lot and know that students of all ages love them.

Piano Superhero Badges

Piano Superhero Compliment Badges Printable

Piano Superhero Badges are an eye-catching and cute set of printable cards designed to endorse and motivate piano students of different levels. You can award your student for an accomplished task or just to encourage practicing. The PDF contains 18 cards.

Piano Superhero Badges Use

The Piano Superhero Badges are meant to be used year-round. With the studio license, you can print these cards as many times as you wish and invite your students to make a collection of them. Additionally, you can set a small prize for each 10, 20 cards collected. Also, you can arrange the competition between students.


Likewise, I have designed Piano Summer Gnome Badges to let the students collect another set of cards for their summer practice. And the theme is summer gnomes.


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Piano Superhero Compliment Badges

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