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Halloween Keyboard Geography Worksheet

The piano lessons are in a full swing and we are jumping right into October! That means it is time to pull out spooky and scary activities from your magic binder cauldron and have fun šŸ˜ƒ. Meanwhile, you may like a new Halloween-themed Keyboard Geography Worksheet Magic Keys! Learning Objectives Learn the name of white […]

Accidental-ly Lucky

Accidental-ly Lucky Free Worksheet

Saint Patrickā€™s Accidentals on the Keyboard Worksheet Looking for an engaging and fun theory activity for the Saint Patrickā€™s week to practice with your students at your studio but donā€™t have time to make worksheets? Then try this Accidental-ly Lucky Saint Patrickā€™s themed keyboard awareness worksheet. Accidental-ly Lucky This Saint Patrickā€™s Theory Printable PDF contains […]

Black Keys! Why start the piano journey with learning it?

Printable Black Keys Flashcards

The easiest and most logical way to introduce a new student to the piano is by learning the keyboard. While note reading and recognition on the staff and keyboard are quite a challenge, it might as well be postponed until the second/third lesson. Getting to know the white and black keys pattern could be a […]