Halloween Keyboard Geography Worksheet

The piano lessons are in a full swing and we are jumping right into October! That means it is time to pull out spooky and scary activities from your magic binder cauldron and have fun 😃. Meanwhile, you may like a new Halloween-themed Keyboard Geography Worksheet Magic Keys!


Learning Objectives

  • Learn the name of the white keys
  • Reinforce note to key recognition

Keyboard Geography

The worksheet is suitable for those students who have just started learning the piano and need some note-to-key recognition. The activity will take only 3-4 min of your lesson time. The student should connect the magic ball with the note name to the matching key.

Keyboard Geography iPad Use

The one-page worksheet can be easily adapted to be used on the iPad. The Notability app is the best for drawing and marking on PDFs with Apple Pencil.


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Keyboard Geography

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