Note Value with Halloween Spooky Math

Note Value Halloween Spooky Math

Whether or not your students are going trick-or-treating this year; you can make your Halloween month of piano lessons fun. Today’s worksheet is an off-the-bench activity or homework. Halloween Spooky Math Worksheet will help to review and reinforce the note value concepts.

Spooky Math Note Value

Basic Note Value

The worksheet was designed for the youngest students, who just started their piano journey. The note value concept includes only whole, half, and quarter notes. By doing simple addition kids will not only memorize the note value like the whole, half, and a quarter but also get used to the concept of adding the value.

Note Value Prep Work

Before assigning the worksheet to your student, make sure the student knows the note value and can visually recognize whole, half, and quarter notes. Then ask the student to add the number of beats for each rhythmic pattern and write down the sum number into the bat’s circle.

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Halloween Note Value

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