Spooktacular Piano Printables for your Halloween week

Halloween piano printables

Can you believe that we are reaching the end of October?!! The wind is tearing apart the crabapple tree behind my window. The sky promises a gloomy and rainy day. And these challenging times have affected us and our students not in the best way. We all need pumpkin spice latte and Spooktacular Piano Printables for the week of Halloween fun ?. Below you can find my spooky list.

Halloween Piano Printables for Youngest

Halloween Piano Printables for Youngest

This year it is the Magic Keys worksheet that is suitable for beginner piano students who have started piano lessons recently and need some reinforcement of note-to-key recognition. Assign 3 minutes of your time for this activity.

In addition, Spooky Math Worksheet is a good way to review note value and count. This Halloween piano printable includes whole, half, dotted half, and quarter notes.

Moreover, to review notes on the treble staff you can use Scary Pumpkin Note Search. One page worksheet needs only 2-3 minutes and can be combined with the “current piece note search”. After all notes on the worksheet are identified correctly, ask the student to find those notes in their music pieces.

Not to mention Spooky Bass Note Hunt. This is another fun game to review notes in the bass clef. By simply sorting true and false cards the student is inquired to recall the note names. Of course, this activity can be organized as a studio-wide Halloween challenge with a goal to find the fastest sorter.


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Halloween Piano Printables for Elementary Students

Halloween Piano Printables for Elementary Students

Bewitched Half and Whole Steps You can use this printable for elementary students. It is a great way to work on those half and whole steps.

Furthermore, a worksheet, which might be useful this term is Black Keys Hats. The printable will help to revise sharps and notes in the treble clef.

Finally, Halloween assignment pages with spiders and without ? can be found here. You can satisfy anybody’s taste with 8 different layouts, 2 pages of each.

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Halloween Piano Printable

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