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Hassle-Free Preparation One-page Piano Games

One-page Piano Games

All the holidays and school breaks are behind. February is a busy time for any piano studio. Pieces have been chosen. Goals have been set. The only thing left is work. How do you keep the lesson fun and engaging, while concentrating on following the curriculum? I have found that one-page piano games are an […]

Sparkle Piano Learning with Valentine’s Piano Games


This week I was working on making special deliveries for my students. It happens that everyone is facing some kind of challenges and I have been on a call with parents every day. To cheer everyone up and help to boost motivation and interest in piano lessons, I have created a few hearty and cute […]

Unicorn Ledger Notes Game for Your Beginner Piano Student

Unicorn Ledger Notes Game

Do you have a student who is a good note reader but when it comes to high pitches everything gets “too hard” and boring? Please note that some younger students just haven’t developed space and dimension sense yet. It is still hard for them to imagine the continuity of the staff. Therefore ledger line notes […]

Holiday Rhythm Race Game and Worksheets

When it’s cold and snowy, and all music studios are bundled up and drinking hot cocoa in the anticipation of the winter recital. As a teacher, you might be wondering how could you possibly bring more holiday cheer into your studio? For that job, there is nothing better than a board game, and who could […]