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This week I was working on making special deliveries for my students. It happens that everyone is facing some kind of challenge and I have been on a call with parents every day. To cheer everyone up and help to boost motivation and interest in piano lessons, I have created a few hearty and cute Valentine’s piano games. Learning the piano is a marathon. There are days when we have to add a little bit of fun to make learning efficient 😃.

valentine’s piano games-checkers-sharps

Valentine’s Chord Checkers

Valentine’s Chord Checkers are aimed to support root and inversion recognition. As the game is created for elementary students, Valentine’s Chord Checkers Sharps includes chords of key signatures up to 4 sharps. Likewise, Valentine’s Chord Checkers Flats is based on the key signatures with up to 4 flats. As preparation for the game, I use hands-on “build the chord activities”. Students make and play chords from the starting notes with inversion. Another key point is reviewing the number of flats and sharps each scale consists of.

Valentine Interval Race

Moreover, the Valentine Interval Race game is based on our popular rhythm race game and is designed to revise numeric intervals. With this in mind, the game can be useful for the younger piano students, who’s been introduced to this concept recently. The game is created for 2 students but also can be adapted for a group. In this case, every student has to have their own game board and a set of cards.

More Valentine’s Piano Games

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