Mission Success

The Piano Heroes: Mission Success is the next step on the way to mastering the amazing skill of playing the classical piano. Students who completed Mission Start and Mission Adventure are now ready to read music in both treble and bass clef and proceed to the more advanced concepts like five-finger pattern, beautiful tone production as well as legato and staccato articulation.

Through the variety of age-appropriate etudes, minuets, sonatinas, bagatelles, and waltz students are introduced to the world of famous composers like James Hook, Daniel Gottlob Türk, Antonio Diabelli, Cornelius Gurlitt, and Béla Bartók. And by playing level-appropriate musical pieces this book reinforces accidentals, slur, tie, half and whole steps, eight note and dotted half note, new dynamics, tempo markings, and many other fundamental music concepts.

The Piano Heroes: Mission Success is concluding the Piano Heroes method and preparing students for RCM Preparatory Levels A and B.

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