One-page Unicorn Chords Games Free Printable

Unicorn Chords Games

Looks like yesterday we celebrated Christmas and here we are at the end of January. This month many of my students are introduced to chords first time. To help them with inquiring about the differentiation between roots and inversions, I have created Unicorn Chords Games. The Unicorn Chords Sharps and Unicorn Chords Flats cover key up to four flats and sharps.

One-page Unicorn Chords Games

One-page Printable Unicorn Chords

Unicorn Chords Games are one-page printable games indeed. It requires the teacher to print the game pages ahead. Also, prepare dice, two movers and two pencils. The players take turns rolling the dice, move the marker to the matching square and guess the triad type. When answered correctly the student crosses out root, 1st or 2nd from their line, and if not remains on the same square and does not cross anything out. The turn goes to the next player. The game is played until one of the players crosses out all the chord type names from their playing line.

When to Use Unicorn Chords

Generally speaking, you can use the game right after the chord introduction as a training tool. Obviously, it will take a little time for the student to get acquainted with the recognition of the chords. Start the game by emphasizing that a chord with two skips is a root chord. The chord that has skip and leap is 1st inversion. Likewise, the chord with a leap and skip is 2 inversion. This kind of visualization helps to grasp the root/inversion concept right away.

Play Online

To play via Zoom, send the printable to the student together with dice and two movers. While sharing your screen, play the game in a regular way. Ask the student to mark their steps, and mark your and the student’s steps on your side for easy reference.

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Unicorn Chords Games

2 thoughts on “One-page Unicorn Chords Games Free Printable

  1. Anne Marie says:

    Hi there, these look great! How do you actually download the sheets?

    • Valentyna Komisarenko says:

      Thank you for the comment, Anne Marie! I am sorry for the confusion with the download links, we have just made them a bit more standing out, see the very first paragraph of this post. Once you navigate by the links you will find the Download links directly on the product details pages. I hope you like the new printables!

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