Unicorn Perfect Intervals Introduction to Piano Beginners


Unicorns are quite a popular theme for piano studio teaching resources. I have a few of the unicorn-themed printables created over the last year. The students always loved those printables. Here is another one to add to the collection of Unicorn Piano Resources – Unicorn Perfect Intervals worksheet.


Why Perfect Intervals?

The worksheet is a great addition to the set of earlier released unicorn interval sheets. Previous worksheets cover numeric intervals, melodic and harmonic representation, and intervals above and below a given note. Unicorn Perfect Intervals is designed to help with the differentiation and recognition of perfect intervals.

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Teaching Tips

While a written portion of the worksheet aims to establish an understanding of perfect intervals, a teacher can use a worksheet as a base for listening too. Concentrating on the perfect intervals build on C, listening to those intervals performed by the teacher will help students with aural comprehension.

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