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What’s New? Valentine Gnome Chords

The winter lessons are in full swing, and we are approaching another holiday mark in [...]

What’s New? Key Signature Winter Race

Of course, once piano students are familiar with the key signature concepts, it is great [...]

Study Guide for Sentimental Waltz by F. Schubert, RCM Level 6

The holidays went by and the winter term lessons are in a full swing. RCM [...]

Note and Rest Review with Rhythm Pumpkin Patch

I still want to see Autumn colours behind my windows and go for long walks, [...]

Note Value with Halloween Spooky Math

Whether or not your students are going trick-or-treating this year; you can make your Halloween [...]

Strengthen Piano Fingers with Robot Fingers Tapping Cards

The finger independence and the use of finger numbers are two crucial elements of early [...]

Koala Ledger Notes Play the Piano

Three ways to use notes game to assist with bass ledger notes reinforcement One of [...]

Step and skip recognition to strengthen the note-reading skills

Note reading. We all could agree that reading music is an important skill for any [...]

Note-to-key recognition activity

The lessons are in full swing and you want to be ready for any unexpected [...]

Keyboard Geography with Keys on Top Game

Keyboard geography is one of the first concepts the beginner piano student is introduced to. [...]

Listening activity cards for your youngest piano students

Yesterday was the first in many months of quarantine in-person lessons in the studio and [...]

Valentine’s Theory Printables – Print and Go!

Every holiday on our calendar is a great opportunity to diversify our piano studio’s day-to-day routine. [...]