Valentine’s Theory Printables – Print and Go!

Valentine's Day Printables 2018

Every holiday on our calendar is a great opportunity to diversify our piano studio’s day-to-day routine. With Valentine’s Day being just around the corner let’s make theory practicing a little more hearty and sweet!!! If you have a beginner student who can use some more practice with the note-to-keyboard or note-to-staff connection, use this one-page Valentine’s Theory Printables.

Find a Match

For reviewing notes in treble clef middle C position, you can use this cheerful Find a Match worksheet. Simply instruct your student to connect the note to a matching balloon with the note name. Note: sheet contains 5 balloons and 8 notes, which means some balloons should be connected to more than ONE note.

Valentine’s Theory Printables - Find a Match

Name a Key

Assign 3 min of your lesson to do the Name a Key activity. Each keyboard has one marked with a heart key. The student has to guess the name of the key and write the letter below.

Valentine’s Theory Printables - Name a Key

Over to You

FREE Valentine’s Theory Printables are located in our shop on the FREEBIES page here. Simply download, print and enjoy 5 minutes of NOTE/KEY learning activities. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned. Start piano studio and enjoy teaching the piano!