Step Skip Repeat Reinforcing Pre-intervalic Music Reading

Step. Skip. Repeat. Racing Game

While the interval concept is quite hard to grasp for young piano learners, step, skip, and repeat terms relate better since they actually describe motion. That is why to secure success in interval understanding in the future it is suitable to start with learning steps, skips and repeats first.  The ability to operate those terms will help to read music fast.

When to Introduce

How do you know that a student is ready for the step, skip, and repeat note-reading concepts? A few simple things indicate readiness. The student is well familiar with key names, the musical alphabet and note location in the middle C position, and music movement (up/down). That’s a good time to introduce young piano learners to step, skip, and repeat note reading.

What You Get

The printable piano game PDF includes everything you need for easy set-up – game board, game cards, instruction, and BONUS!!! – 3 worksheets to practice before the game.


The game is created to help with reinforcing the recognition of steps, skips, and repeats in the bass clef and treble clef for one on one playing or in a small group, of up to 4 people.

How to Play

The players take turns drawing cards, recognizing the steps, repeats, or skips and moving their mover one circle ahead (step), two circles (skip), or staying in the same place (repeat). The stack of cards includes 10. Action cards – “ move two steps forward” or “move 3 steps backward” adds some excitement to the game. If a player makes a mistake by not recognizing the step, skip, or repeat, they move back to one circle.

Three worksheets to practice before playing are easy to read and proper size to be finished in a few minutes

Where to Find

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