Counting to Success: Counting the Beat Clip Cards


Beat clip cards are a fun way to diversify the learning of note values and beat counting. These cards are designed to teach and improve the understanding of note and rest combinations. Being rudimentary, these cards only focus on 2/3, 3/3 and 4/4 time signatures. Featuring 3 levels, player group flexibility and bonus preparatory clip cards. This clip card set is a perfect off-the-bench activity.


Within the Clip Card package, you will find; instructions and 9 pages of beat clip cards, four cards each. Similarly to many of our studio’s games, we divided “Counting the Beat Clip Cards” into 3 levels to best suit each student’s capabilities.

Level 1

The simplest level contains 3 pages of beat clip cards. Being the easiest level it contains cards of the whole, half and quarter notes. Making this level best suited for beginner students who are only starting to get a grasp of rhythm and counting.

Level 2

The intermediate level is considerably harder than the first. It includes everything from the previous level along with the addition of quarter rests. Therefore, the intermediate level of Counting the Beat Clip Cards is perfect for students who have a certain understanding of counting notes and are beginning to learn the role and usage of rests. Once again, this level contains 3 pages of 4 clip cards.

Level 3

Due to level 3 being the final and hardest level, it involves all the content from the previous two-level as well as new rests. It sums up everything from notes to rests. The stack is comprised of 3 pages of beat clip cards to challenge your knowledge of rhythm.



In addition, you can find Count the Objects in our shop. We look at it as a preparatory set of clip cards. Best suited for students who are between the ages of 5 and 6. The free printable is made in a complementary style. Meaning it is the perfect precursor to our Counting the Beat Clip Cards.


These beat clip cards are a fun way to practice counting and rhythm. You can use the beat clip cards in both a student group and in a one-on-one interaction with the teacher.

How to Play

The teacher can distribute 3-4 cards to each student and point out that each beat equals to 1 quarter note. The students then must count the beat and clip the appropriate number to the card.

Where to Find

Click on the link to check out Count the Beat Clip Cards.

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