Holiday Rhythm Race (Bundle)


When it’s cold and snowy, all music studios are bundled up and drinking hot cocoa in the anticipation of the winter recital. As a teacher, you might wonder how could you possibly bring more holiday cheer into your piano studio? For that job, there is nothing better than a board game that isn’t only fun but also reinforces your knowledge of rhythm.

The game is levelled to 3 levels which you can also buy separately, see links below.

Level 1 – the rhythm and worksheets are simplified to time signature 4/4, 3/4, 2/4, and combinations of a whole, half, quarter and two eighth notes connected with beams.

Level 2 – the rhythm of a whole, half, quarter and two eighth notes are combinations with the quarter rests.

Level 3 – all rhythms include whole, half, quarter and eighth notes in combination with quarter and eighth rests.

Holiday Rhythm Race Bundle
Holiday Rhythm Race (Bundle)