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Of course, once piano students are familiar with the key signature concepts, it is great to let them master their key signature by playing a game. For example, the Key Signature Winter Race might be a good choice, especially for the winter season and either for private or for group lessons.

When to Introduce

How to determine when to use this game? For successful practice, the student has to be familiar with what is a key signature, the order of sharps and flats and the circle of 5th as a method to navigate between the different key signatures.

What You Get

The printable of 10 pages PDF with 16 cards (8 in each treble and bass clef). Each page of cards has to be cut in two. Note, for the group lessons, you might print a few copies of each card to match the number of students. The students can play this game in a few rounds by using different cards each time.

How to Play

The setup for the game is easy and straight-forwarded. Print and cut cards.


Each student gets one card, dice and a pencil. On the teacher’s command, students roll the dice, locate the box with matching numbers and try to recognize the key signature. Once the student determines the key signature, they move to key signature names and mark the matching name. The teacher warns the students that they might check two of the same key signature name on their cards. 


The winner is the person who has gotten all chords matched first.


Where to Find Key Signature Winter Race

Grab your copy of the Key Signature Winter Race game from our shop and see how it can improve your piano student’s skills!


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