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The winter lessons are in full swing, and we are approaching another holiday mark in our year piano lessons schedule. Valentine’s Day is next week, and here is a cute game Valentine Gnome Chords, to work on root and inversion concepts with your piano students this month.

Valentine Gnome Chords is created to help piano students master root and inversion chord recognition in major and minor key signatures up to 4 flats and sharps. Equally important, this activity may be done as a practice sorting game or as a racing test. For the last one, use a stopwatch to time.

When to Introduce

You can use this activity as a part of the root and inversion chord introduction to visualize the concepts. But also it can be used as a practice tool to help piano students to master the concept.

What You Get

Valentine Gnome Chords PDF contains two pages of cards, a game board, instructions and a title page. After uploading the PDF to your computer, you have to print pages with a game board and cards and also cut cards. The PDF comes with an unlimited print studio license.

How to Play

To use the Valentine Gnome Chords, the teacher instructs students to:

  1. Sort the cards into piles “root,” “1st,” and “2nd” inversions, determining why each chord goes in a designated pile. 
  2. Sort the cards to get a fast result in sorting (use a stopwatch for that)

If you need the score sheet, please download it here

Where to Find

Valentine Gnome Chords is available from Piano Heroes shop here or under the tag: Valentine. And it comes with an unlimited print studio license.

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