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Are you ready for your Easter piano lessons? Easter week is ahead, and, of course, you are preparing to fill this week with fun and entertainment! This year I was in need of interval games of all kinds. And because I do not have specially Easter-themed, I have created Easter Bunny Major and Minor 6th.

When to Introduce

This game concentrates on reinforcing major and minor 6th in a treble clef above C, G, D, A, and E. In fact, major and minor 6th is being introduced in Lev 3 of the RCM theory course or when the piano students are familiar with numeric size intervals and when they start differentiating major and minor intervals.

What You Get

The printable PDF contains a game board, instructions and cards. After uploading the PDF to your computer, you have to print pages with a game board and cards and also cut cards. The PDF comes with an unlimited print studio license.


How to Play Easter Bunny Major and Minor 6th

Indeed, to play a game, put all the cards in one pile and supply each student with a mover. The students take turns drawing a card and naming the interval. If the interval is named correctly, the student moves their mover for maj 6th 1 step and for min 6th 2 steps. Notably, this game can be played by 2 or more students. Additionally, you might want to print more cards and a few game boards for big groups of students.

Where to Find

Easter Bunny Major and Minor 6th is available from Piano Heroes shop here. Moreover, you can find all Easter-themed products under the tag Easter.

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