Birthday Celebration Numeric Intervals Game


The school year is coming to an end, and it is a good time to start thinking about summer lesson activities. One of the marvellous ideas is to celebrate a student’s birthday with a game. I designed this Birthday Celebration Numeric Intervals Game, especially for that reason. I do not use it in regular settings, only for birthday lessons.

Numeric Intervals Game

This game is a great addition to the interval learning toolset you might already have. The intervals are written from notes C, D, G, and F in the bass clef. 24 interval cards will help your student master the numeric interval concept in no time. You will need to allot 4-5 min of your lesson for this game. Remember to prepare two movers and shuffle the cards before the game.

When to Introduce

Birthday Celebration Numeric Intervals Game can be used with any students who are ready to start learning the numeric intervals or those who need some practice for the special lesson of the birthday celebration.

What You Get

The game comes in one PDF, which you have to print out. Then cut the cards and shuffle them.  You will need to allot 4-5 min of your lesson for this game. The setup is very quick, but remember to prepare two movers.


How to Play

Indeed, to play the game put all the cards in one pile and supply each player with a mover. The players take turns drawing a card and naming the interval. If the interval is named correctly, the student moves their mover numbers of steps written on the right top corner of the card.

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