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Are you ready for hot and sunny summer? The school is finished, and everyone is excited for the summer fun. To help you with summer lesson preparation, I have created this cute sea-themed major 3rd and minor 3rd interval game. This type of game is the most popular in my studio because it is easy to set up, kids already know the rules, and it takes 5 minutes or so to play.

Major 3rd and Minor 3rd Practice

This game provides an opportunity to reinforce the major and minor 3rd interval in bass clef above C, F, Bb, Eb and Ab. The intervals are written in different registers.

When to use

Once your piano students mastered numeric intervals, and probably major and minor 2nd, it is time to introduce major and minor 3rd. The idea is to help them recognize the interval and connect it to a specific scale to determine whether it is minor or major.

What You Get

The PDF includes printable cards and a game board. You have to download and print the double-sided pages and cut the cards. Depending on the number of students playing, prepare one mover for each player. Initially, the game is designed for two people, a student and a teacher, to play. But you can adapt it for the group settings quickly by adding movers for each student.

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