Note-to-key recognition activity

The lessons are in full swing and you want to be ready for any unexpected challenges your students might face. That is why I keep my teacher’s binder always full of worksheets and activities. My students are already familiar with the green duotang from where I can pull a magic sheet to practice anything ?. This week I have decided to add another camping-themed note-to-key recognition activity. Just to wrap up the season of sun, fun, and camping.

Camping Keys Trail

Camping Keys Trail Note to key Recognition

This worksheet aims to help piano students with visual correspondence between the keys and note names. The student will be asked to connect the keyboards with marked keys to the right set of notes in the clouds.

Camping Keys Trail Playing Activity

Notably, each keyboard sample of this note-to-key recognition worksheet contains not one, but 3 marked keys. Ask the student to look at those, find them, and play them on the piano in low/high register, moving up or down, with RH or LH.

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Note to key recognition

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