Keyboard Geography with Keys on Top Game

Keyboard Geography with Keys on Top Game

Keyboard geography is one of the first concepts the beginner piano student is introduced to. Not only does it help the novice piano learner to get familiar with the piano but also to make sense of the piano keyboard note organization. How to promote note-to-key recognition practice? Use one of the most admirable games – Keys on Top. A colour-coded way to work on note-to-key recognition. The game was designed for young students, who just started learning the piano. And the students in fact love playing this monopoly-like game. It also aligns well with Piano Heroes: Mission Start (page 18+).

Learning objectives

To reinforce note-to-key recognition

To review keyboard geography

Keys on Top Set-up

The PDF of the game contains a game board, two sets of cards for 2 players, and instructions. After printing the game, cut the cards and arrange them in two sets. Additionally, prepare dice and one mover per player.

Keys on Top

How to Play

The players take turns rolling dice and moving their mover counting to the correct square. After looking for the matching key in their card set, cover the square. The winner is the player with the most covered squares.

Bonus Squares

The Magic wand squares allow the players to cover any square they want. The Bonus square gives another chance to roll the dice. The Start square – no action.

Keys on Top can be found here

Keys On Top

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