Koala Ledger Notes Play the Piano


Three ways to use notes game to assist with bass ledger notes reinforcement

One of the important goals for the first year of studying piano is to develop fluent reading skills. There are many different ways and Koala Ledger Notes is a game designed to support this process.

Koala Ledger Notes the Game

It is the easiest and hassle-free way to utilize it in the lesson. To use the game you have to prepare pencils and movers for each player, and also the dice. The players take turns rolling the dice. Then move the marker to the matching square and finally guess the name of the note. When answered correctly the student crosses out the note name from their note name line. And if not remains on the new square and does not cross anything out. The turn goes on to the next player. The game will eventually run for 3-5 rounds. The player who crossed all the notes first wins the game.

Koala Ledger Notes the Game with manipulatives

This approach to playing is similar to the original one. To prepare the game in addition to movers, and the dice you will need coins or chips in two colours. Therefore only one colour for each player. An alternative to crossing out the note names might be covering the guessed note with coins.

Koala Ledger Notes Play the Piano

Following all the steps of the original game, there is one extra step. Play the crossed-out note on the piano. This way, students will not only reinforce their reading skills but also apply newly acquired knowledge to gain practical skills.

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