Strengthen Piano Fingers with Robot Fingers Tapping Cards


The finger independence and the use of finger numbers are two crucial elements of early piano studying. The good news is those concepts can be fortified by playing a variety of games and special activities. One of those is Robot Piano Fingers. Play it with Robot Fingers Tapping Cards.

For instance, one of my students had a challenge with fine motor skills and left-hand finger numbering and isolation. For this reason, I was looking for activities to help her with the development of finger flexibility and quick recall of finger numbers. Robot Fingers Tapping Cards covered all the grounds.

Robot Fingers

Please note that the PDF contains 10 sets of colourful cards with finger numbers combo from 1 to 5. Instruct the student to tap the assigned finger with RH, LH, or hands together. Remind the student to position their hands on a flat surface like a table or piano flat board.

Robot Fingers Tapping Cards

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to quickly identify piano finger numbers for RH and LH.
  • Read the finger numbers from left to right and from right to left.
  • Coordinate reading finger numbers with movement (tapping).
  • Working on piano hand shape.

Piano Finger Numbers

Robot Fingers Tapping Cards will assist students in developing finger independence and reinforcing finger numbers. Also, the finger number sequence can be interpreted as tapping forward or backward. In this case, tapping it from left to right and then from right to left would prepare every student for a quick recall of the proper finger when reading the music, as well as help to clearly understand finger numbers for different musical patterns and passages.

As has been noted, once your students become comfortable with tapping the sequences both ways with either hand, you can ask them to tap the finger pattern with their hands together.

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