Unicorn Ledger Notes Game for Your Beginner Piano Student

Unicorn Ledger Notes Game

Do you have a student who is a good note reader but when it comes to high pitches everything gets “too hard” and boring? Please note that some younger students just haven’t developed space and dimension sense yet. It is still hard for them to imagine the continuity of the staff. Therefore ledger line notes may scare them.

Ledger Notes Game

I have discovered that my positive attitude, together with a few short and fun games make a world of difference for my beginner learners. That’s why I have another ledger line note reinforcement game to share with you.

Unicorn Ledger Notes

Unicorn Ledger Notes is a hassle-free printout you can pull out anytime your student is getting into a “too hard” mood. Everything you need is a die and a printed game board. The players take turns to roll die, move matched number of boxes along the path, and try guessing the ledger line note in the box. If the note is guessed right, the student crosses out matching note names from the note line, and the turn goes on to the next player. The winner is a player who crossed out all the letters from the note line.


More Teaching Resources

If you need more “guess and print” worksheets for improving note reading you might want to take a look at our 20 Day Clef Candy Shop. The booklet contains 30 sets of penmanship exercises to practice note recognition in treble clef mid C to High C. The booklet comes with a studio license and unlimited printing.

20 day treble workbook

For those who prefer to buy a book, our Piano Heroes: 20 Day Treble Clef Mission is a close replica of the note reading booklet but was adopted for those who use the Piano Heroes method books. The Piano Heroes: 20 Day Treble Clef Mission is available on Amazon.


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