Beginner Piano Sharp Note Reading Worksheet

treble sharp note reading

How many of you had a student who is scared of sharps and sharp note reading? The younger generation calls it a hashtag ?, which makes us smile, right?! I do introduce my students to sharps early, in the first year of studying piano and use my full arsenal of visual, kinesthetic, and digital tools to help them get acquainted with the concept.

Treble Sharp Note Reading

It is possible to start with only treble clef sharp note reading to narrow the numbers of variations down and practice only a few notes with the key recognition set. The exercises may include ‘name that key’, ‘name and play a sharp note on the piano’, ‘guess the name of the sharp note’, as well as different variations of print activities, that aim to engage not only visual but the kinesthetic style of learning too.

Treble Sharp Note Worksheet

Sharp Morning at the Camp worksheet is a two exercises worksheet to promote sharp note recognition in Mid C – Treble C range. The first exercise is for practicing proper writing sharp in front of the note. It will ease kids into understanding how the sharp is connected to the note. Pointing to the fact that sharp must be written in such a way that the square is at the same level as the note it belongs to. The second exercise is the ‘name that note’ activity to reinforce sharp note recognition.

To download the worksheet click here or on the picture above.

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