20 DAY Treble Clef Candy Shop Challenge

20 day treble notes workbook

Being able to read music is a very important aspect of music education. It opens a whole new world for young explorers! In my teaching, I try to introduce the notation from the very first lesson. As it might look a little overwhelming for young children, I came up with an everyday practice workbook 20 DAY treble Clef Candy Shop Challenge which helps me to decrease the stress and allow the student to practice 5 min a day, gain the note reading superpower very quickly.

20 DAY treble Clef Candy Shop Challenge is designed for beginners who just started their piano lessons or for those who need some extra help with reinforcing note reading concepts. The exercises are grouped in days. It organizes the routine and minimizes the negative impact of everyday exhausting practicing. The approach is so effective that by doing one page a day most of the students improve their reading skills drastically.

What inside

The workbook contains a few types of exercises:

  • Find and circle note(s)
  • Match the note with its name
  • Name the note
  • Draw the following note(s)
  • True or falls
  • Add the missing notes
  • Write the name of the note(s)
20 day treble exercises

Every page has a clear name Day 1, Day 2 etc. and a checkbox, to finalize the finished work. Every five days of exercises are followed by a quiz. The quiz is developed to help review learned in previous days. It is up to the teacher to do the quiz in the lesson or ask for the quiz to be done at home.

20 day treble intro

20 DAY treble Clef Candy Shop Challenge has one page with a short explanation of what is the treble clef and the landmark notes.

The workbook contains:

  1. One introduction to the treble clef notes page
  2. 20 pages of everyday exercises
  3. 4 pages of quizzes
  4. certificate
20 day treble certificate

Printing Instruction:

  1. Download the file and save it to your computer.
  2. Print the workbook onto white printing paper. One book per student.
  3. Bind the workbook.

Ask the student to do ONE page a day, explaining that it is going to take only 5 minutes and doing one page a day, not all 5 pages, will make a big difference in remembering the material.

The workbook also available in print through Amazon

Piano Heroes: Mission Adventure – 20-day Treble Clef Mission

20 day Treble Clef Mission

For the 20-DAY Bass Clef Candy Shop Challenge follows this link.

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