20 DAY Bass Clef Candy Shop Challenge

20 day bass workbook
20 day bass workbook

20 DAY Bass Clef Candy Shop Challenge is the second book in a series of note learning workbooks. The book utilizes the same short exercises, one page a day approach. It covers all the notes in bass clef, including ledger line notes. The exercises are grouped in days. There are 4 quizzes after every 5 days. One certificate is present at the end of the book. The book is created for the beginners who started their piano lessons or for those who need some extra help with reinforcing bass clef note reading concept.

What inside

The workbook contains a few types of exercises:

  • Find and circle note(s)
  • Match the note with its name
  • Name the note
  • Draw the following note(s)
  • True or falls
  • Add the missing notes
  • Write the name of the note(s)
20 day bass clef note challenge

The workbook contains:

  1. One introduction to the bass notes page
  2. 20 pages of everyday exercises
  3. 4 pages of quizzes
  4. certificate
20 day bass clef note challenge intro

Printing Instruction:

  1. Download the file and save to your computer.
  2. Print workbook on to white printing paper. One book per student.
  3. Bind the workbook.

Ask the student to do ONE page a day, explaining that it is going to take only 5 minutes and doing one page a day, not all 5 pages, will make a big difference to remembering the material.

The workbook is available in print through Amazon!

Piano Heroes: Mission Success – 20 day Bass Clef Mission

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20 day treble clef note challenge

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