Piano Heroes: Mission Start

Piano Heroes Mission Start book

Hello, Piano Teacher!
How was your lesson today? Was your five-year-old bouncing around the class, interested in everything except piano? Was your six-year-old complaining about how boring the piano lesson is? I know, believe me, I feel for you. I am a piano teacher and, just like you, I really like teaching the piano. I put my heart and soul into each and every lesson. I plan, I prepare. And I also know your misery; when a student is distracted, bored, and in no way enjoying. Instead of witnessing the fascinating process of students learning piano, all we feel is desolation when a student cannot stay focused. Did you notice that too? Undoubtedly, it’s not your fault. It’s nobody’s fault that the children are changing, but the method books aren’t.

Kids lose focus and interest so quickly these days, it’s frustrating! Frankly, I was desperate and had to adjust too. I have tried so many different methods and approaches with my students and I have learned a lot from my own experience. The changes my teaching practice underwent were drastic, and not a single goal was easy to accomplish. In spite of it all, something new was created. Something so different from the other methods that I could not keep this gift to myself. Other teachers just like me were struggling with the same challenge, and from our struggle, the Piano Heroes were born. An approach that is engaging and interactive, starts small and gradually builds the foundation of a successful piano player one exercise at a time, the piano method that simply works for modern kids.

Piano Heroes: Mission Start is the first book of the series; where the super animals introduce themselves and start happily interacting with the young learner from the colourful pages. Each eye-catching piano superhero has a unique name which matches the music alphabet. And with the help of a short poem or song the boisterous kid learns the basics of the piano in a fun and captivating way. The names of the music notes suddenly become meaningful to the young learner, as they are no longer letters and words, but creatures. Animals that have faces and emotions, and communicate with them by more than just words, but songs and poetry. The Piano Heroes were designed in a way to construct those associations and strengthen them. Suddenly learning piano starts making sense, even for a four-year-old!

Intrigued yet? I know it may look like I have created the Piano Heroes for myself. I must confess, this piano method is what I was missing and looking forward to in my own piano teaching, but nobody created it for me. Eventually, I decided to do that for my students, for myself, and for you, my dear piano teacher. And today I share this contemporary approach to teaching the piano with you! And in the years to come, I’d love to hear about your experience applying the Piano Heroes method in your own piano teaching.

Yours truly in piano teaching,
Valentyna Komisarenko

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