Piano Heroes: Mission Start - contemporary piano method for young students

Mission Start

The Piano Heroes: Mission Start is a leading-edge method book which puts boisterous and curious children (ages 5 to 6) on an exciting mission to achieve the Keyboard Superpower. It starts with the exploration of the keys, the keyboard, the low and high sounds, and the pattern play.

With the help of colorful visuals, it goes on to the musical alphabet and brings in all the friendly super-animals. Their names, colors, and songs create an explosion of associations and help to memorize the musical notes in a very different way you have never seen before. The Keyboard Superpower blossoms when the student plays with the black and the white keys using the second and the third finger on the entire keyboard. And to appreciate the magnitude of the achievement the young superhero learns the short and the long notes too.



Piano Heroes : Mission Start Teacher's Guide
Mission Start: Assignment Book
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