Mission Start: High and Low Flash Cards

High and Low Flash Cards for use with beginner piano learners to reinforce understanding of high and low sounds, sounds going up and going down. See the preparation and the how-to instructions down below.

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1. Download and save as a PDF file.
2. Print PDF in Actual size for the best result.
3. Cut the cards and store them in an envelope.

How To

Show the student the cards and explain that the Panda in the submarine is associated with low sounds, and the Panda with a balloon – with high.

Var. 1

Ask the student to listen to the sounds you play. Play a few keys in a high or low register. Ask the student if the sounds were high or low?
If the set of sounds played was low, the student should choose the Panda in the submarine. If the set of sounds was played in the high register, a student should choose Panda with a balloon.


Ask the student to choose a card, find a proper register and play a few notes high or low, depends on the image shown on the card.