Music Terms and Signs 5 Minute Review


When I was a piano teacher fresh from college I had trouble understanding how to keep the variety of piano and theory concepts up to date when the lesson is only 30 min. Not until my younger child was born did I realize: that just keep reminding me what is what and the concepts are going to stick. Here is the I Spy Camping Trees worksheet to help your young piano learner to revise music terms and signs.

Terms and Signs List

The proposed terms and signs include treble clef, repeat sign, quarter rest, accidentals – flat and sharp, and also dynamics – piano, forte, and mezzo piano.


Terms and Signs Activities

If you want to use this activity worksheet not only in the traditional way of writing, matching, and connecting, you can add I Spy music piece analysis. After completing a worksheet, ask the student to find those terms and signs in their current piece. For dynamics discussion, propose to the student to play a 4-measure section from their current piece to demonstrate piano, forte, and mezzo piano.

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Adventure Term Rush

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