3-step Major Scale Building Strategy


When the students are familiar with the whole and half steps it is time to present them with the formula of major scale W – W – H – W – W – W – H and the role of the accidentals in creating the major scale.

Step 1

Write down the 8-note sequence from tonic to the tonic. Tonic is the first note of the scale. For example, C Major should start with C and finish with C one octave higher or lower, depending on what type of scale, ascending, or descending is required.


Step 2

Using a map of the piano keyboard and major scale formula, add necessary accidentals.


Step 3

Play and listen.


This G Major Scale Camp worksheet can be used to explain 3 Step Major Scale Building Strategy to your piano students


Creative Major Scale Building

If you want to add hands-on activities, use the Major Scale Building Maps in conjunction with wooden manipulatives. Follow the same 3-step strategy to create the scale only instead of writing it on the music staff, construct them with wooden squares.


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