Bring Fun to the Studio with Unicorn’s Interval Worksheets


Themed worksheets are the best way to add some excitement to your everyday studio practice. Recently I have noticed that not just 5 y.o. but also 9 y.o. give me a big smile when I pull out a binder of Unicorn’s Worksheet. Therefore I have created a series of Unicorn’s Interval Worksheets for the older students to practice theory with a sparkle!

Numeric Interval Worksheet

The first Unicorn’s Interval Worksheet of the Rainbow Intervals is the introductory worksheet. It can be used to support general concept explanations. And only numeric intervals 1st to 5th above the given note are utilized.

Unicorn's Interval Worksheets-1

Melodic and Harmonic Intervals

The Unicorn’s Interval Worksheet #2 can assist with further mastering the interval concept. The worksheet focuses on melodic and harmonic interval reinforcement. Numeric intervals 1st to 5th above the given note are used in the examples.

Unicorn's Interval Worksheets-2

Intervals Below Given Note

Next in the series of Unicorn’s Interval Worksheets is the printable addressing the matter of the intervals below the given note. The exercises are designed to present the students with a case to practice numeric intervals 1st to 5th below the given note.

Unicorn's Interval Worksheets-3

The Unicorn’s Interval Worksheets are downloadable PDF files that can be used for printing. Also, the worksheets can be uploaded to apps like Notability and used with a pen on one of your mobile devices.

More Unicorn-Themed Printables

To reinforce the first notes in treble clef use this cute Middle C printable.

Over the Rainbow worksheet can help with fortifying the ability to read ledger line notes quickly.

Unicorn’s Whole and Half Steps is designed to boost the understanding of the whole and half steps concept.

7 thoughts on “Bring Fun to the Studio with Unicorn’s Interval Worksheets

  1. Kathy Beemer says:

    I’ve just discovered your page. Ahhhhmazing. My students are going to LOVE the printable worksheets especially the unicorns!

  2. Sher says:

    The links to the worksheets are broken 🙁

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