Winter-themed piano resources

winter-themed piano resources

Winter is officially here in Ottawa! Snow, icy roads and happy kids amusing themselves in the park. Hence, those signs pushed me to pull my winter-themed piano resources binder for the next month of piano lessons. Here is my list of what is in.

Winter-themed Rhythm Reinforcement

In fact, December is the rhythm reinforcement month in the studio. I build the curriculum in the way those rhythm activities are incorporated into every lesson. As a result, I have created a lot of winter-themed rhythm practicing games.

On the other hand, this year I have created brand-new winter-themed games for my younger students. I have quite a few jams this year. They start their lesson by begging to take a new game home ?.

Christmas Tree Bass Note Game to reinforce notes in bass clef.


Winter Rhythm Snowmen is a racing game to revise whole, half, quarter notes and rest, and count. (Level 3)

Winter Rhythm Search – a bingo-like layout game to review count and note value. (Level 1)


Winter-themed Piano Resources One-page Games

Specifically, these one-page games are absolute favourites in my studio. For example, winter-themed sharp reviewing activities for the youngest piano students are easy to set up and require only 2-5 minutes of the lesson time.

Fox Sharps

Penguin Sharps

Winter-themed and Holiday Music

Also, for the winter music composition, I have got a bunch of new favourites. Those are pieces by Rebekah Maxner, Diane Hidy and Wendy Stevens.

White Frost on My Window by Rebekah Maxner – an imaginative elementary piece that will provide the student with the opportunity to work on expressive dynamics and hand balance.

All Cooped Up Holidays by Diane Hidy – creative and cheerful take on the most loved and well-known holiday pieces.

Merry and Bright by Wendy Stevens – 3 elementary one-page pieces filled with lovely intros and interesting interpretations of holiday favourites.

More Piano Teaching Resources

Christmas Beats Worksheet

Holiday Rhythm Race Game and Worksheets

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