Interactive online piano games

interactive piano games

Online teaching has never been my favourite type of teaching, but that’s what I could do during the times of COVID. And my studio needed online learning tools. With this intention, Eugene and I created the first type of interactive piano game – a sorting activity. The games are easy to use and work on all kinds of devices and screens.

Phone version

In general, to play the game, open it on your phone in a browser of your choice. The game has been launched. Wait for the prompt and swipe the card left (wrong) or right (true). The best experience is using the game in landscape mode. However, the portrait will work fine too.

Interactive online piano games

Tablet version

As an owner of an iPad Pro, I needed the game to be running on the tablet. The rules are the same, swipe left (wrong) or right (true). The student has to use one hand to do so.

interactive piano games tablet

Desktop version

In order to accommodate all students, we decided to make a desktop version of the games. The principle of use is a little different. Use a mouse to drag and drop the card. The desktop version is great when used with Zoom. Share the screen and let the student choose which card is true and false, and then move the card regarding the student’s choice. The star will acknowledge the right answer. The red icon – wrong answer.

Interactive Piano Games Features

  • To avoid adrenaline rush, tears and refusal to quit, we have chosen to remove the timer from the screen. After all, the games have been created to help with learning, not to develop an urgent craving to play, and play, and play. Definitely, as parents ourselves, we do not encourage that.
  • The score in the top left corner is provided to help with a progress evaluation. As a result, students can play the game without teacher supervision and have feedback in the form of a score.
  • Each game contains 25 cards, with 20 being selected randomly for each game.

Future interactive piano games

As you know, we are a two-member team. Eugene is a software developer, and I am a creative designer and rule-maker. All the games are being tested with my students and then released to the public. We appreciate any comments or feedback via email. In the meantime, we are working on the matching type of the game engine and planning to release a multiplayer real-time game next.

Help Us with Concepts

If you wish any concepts to be available as interactive piano games or have ideas for the new games, please comment below, and we will make sure to include them in our backlog.

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