The Color Collection Series by Rebekah Maxner

The Color Collection Series by Rebekah Maxner review

When you teach piano day after day, year after year, you feel like you already had taught every single piece known to humans. Sometimes you get bored and your soul summons something new. Something exciting and fresh. True? Therefore, I have some fascinating music to share that will satisfy your and your student’s cravings. The Color Collection Series by Rebekah Maxner. Versatile, attractive, and crisp. These books are everything you need to spice up your piano studio every day.

The Color Collection Jr.

The Color Collection Jr.

This book contains a variety of appealing elementary to late elementary pieces, contrasting in character and style. The collection equips the piano teacher with a number of contemporary attention-grabbing pieces for everyday practice or an annual recital indeed.

Grrrreen Dino

The Grrrreen Dino is the most impressive and loved piece of The Color Collection Jr. My students adore the simple jazzy left-hand movement, cool right-hand passages, and patterned structure of the piece. Surely, a 32-measure piece, that looks so complicated at first, is, in fact, easy to teach by rote-reading. – The Color Collection Jr., p. 4

Listen: Grrrreen Dino

Purple Balloon on a Ribbon

Purple Balloon on a Ribbon is one of the most visually powerful and attractive pieces of The Color Collection Jr. Include imaginative prep work in your lesson plan and your students will love learning the piece. All in all, delicate melodic movement in half and quarter notes, framed with half-note chord movement in the left hand will awake avid artistry and encourage emotional performance. – The Color Collection Jr., p. 10

Listen: Purple Balloon on a Ribbon

Orange Sunset

Orange Sunset is a captivating and fragile impressionistic piece that will fuel your student’s imagination and fascinate with the integrity of flowing melodic passages and beautiful harmonic sections. Not only this piece is 13 measures long, but also it can be taught by reading and rote memorization. The mixture of the dynamics makes this piece a valuable tool in developing the young pianists’ artistry. – The Color Collection Jr., p. 3

Listen: Orange Sunset

The Color Collection

The Color Collection

The pieces in The Color Collection are technically challenging for the advised level. In fact, the 2-page length will not scare your students with the amount of memorization but will provide a chance to improve their dynamic interpretations, master various articulations, and work with a very sophisticated key signature.

White Drift

This energetically flowing piece is filled with sixteenth passages in the right hand, supported by a sophisticated melody in the left hand to portray the snowdrift. As a matter of fact, written in C sharp Minor with a wide range of dynamics, White Drift is a piece to reveal the ability of imaginative performance. – The Color Collection, p. 16

Listen: White Drift

Rainbow Swirl

In like manner, the Rainbow Swirl is another amazing example of impressionistic intermediate music. Composed in changing meter 9/8 and 6/8, the Rainbow Swirl consists of an alternation of broken chords and triplet passages accompaniment. Additionally, the fascinating harmony takes the imagination to the mystical world of nature’s wonder.

Listen: Rainbow Swirl


In addition, if you are going green like me and or just love to keep all your books with you, you have a chance to buy the e-book format from Rebekah’s shop.

For the most part, please, stop by Rebekah’s website to see it by yourself 😃

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The Color Collection Series by Rebekah Maxner

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