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The 2020 year, a year of challenges and uncertainty is coming to an end. We were learning and struggling this year the same way everyone else did. But also, there are a lot of positive things this year has brought. And those forced the changes.

The first big and valuable transformation is that we have decided to merge our Start Piano Studio and Piano Heroes brands. Maintaining two websites and creating content for them became time-consuming and pricy. As a two-man band with piano studio to run and an IT consulting service to sustain, family and community commitments, going on with one website, one Facebook page, Instagram and Pinterest looks more practical and will allow us to keep creating.

Furthermore, Piano Heroes is a registered trademark of Start Piano Studio. That means all the products, free or paid, you got before or will obtain in the future with a studio license of either brand will not infringe copyright law. Additionally, we have moved the shop and blog to the new address but all your old download links will still work. If you look at the URL of this post right now you notice that you are on the Piano Heroes website already ?.

Finally, we have a lot of interesting stuff planned for the next year. A launch of a piano game web app portal, publishing two technique exercise books for beginners, the release of brand new themed games and pages of free printables. Hope you will continue this astonishing journey with us!

Eugene and Valentyna

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Piano Heroes’ Home!

  1. Gaili Schoen says:

    Hello! I am new to your materials, found your books through a search for Unicorn music worksheets, which I like very much. I usually teach older adults, but since the pandemic have accepted several young children for the first time in many years. Your books look great, though it’s difficult to see what the pages look like from your videos. Will explore further. Thanks! Gaili Schoen, UpperHandsPiano.com and PianoPowered.com

    • Valentyna Komisarenko says:

      Hi Gaili, it’s so lovely to hear from you. This pandemic forces all of us to explore different types of activities and professional paths :). Thank you for your feedback. It helps a lot to improve our customer’s experience. We will look at adding a widget or slider to showcase pages.

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