How to configure SiteGround for Piano Studio Website

Configure SiteGround

Hello and welcome to the second article in the technology-related series of blog posts describing how to set up hosting of piano studio website via SiteGround. In our previous blog post we were talking about the onboarding process, we have created a hosting account and configured billing. Let’s install WordPress and configure security settings now! […]

How WordPress Starter Primes Piano Studio Website

WordPress Starter

Hello and welcome to our series of technology-related blog posts about hosting a piano studio website on SiteGround. This is the last part of the series. Following our tutorials, you have successfully created a hosting account, configured it and installed WordPress. All is left is to upload your content, but before doing so you need […]

How to Display Coming Soon Message on WordPress

Coming Soon on WordPress

Hello and welcome to the series of technology-related tutorials helping you to start piano studio website. In this tutorial, we are talking about one very small but important preparatory step. Right after website hosting is configured but before it has all the content ready for the public. We recommend you display a coming soon message […]

How to Start Piano Studio Website on

How to start piano studio website on

Hello and welcome to our series of technology-related blog posts helping you establish your very own piano studio website. In this post, we would like to give you a step by step instruction on how to create a free piano studio website on Why These days everybody knows about the WordPress platform. According […]

What Are the Piano Studio Policies for?

Piano Studio Policy. What are the piano studio policies for?

When you start piano studio it is intimidating to get to the teaching part as quickly as possible. However, owning a piano studio is very different from working for somebody else. Sooner or later each owner learns the importance of the policies. What are your piano studio policies for? Playing the piano. What a remarkable […]

No Prep Valentine’s Theory Worksheets

Do you follow the holiday calendar in your studio? Then you may like a quick and Valentine’s themed theory activity for the students who learn flats and sharps. I have added a few to my Valentine’s Day Theory Worksheets collection this year! Name that Key Flats and Sharps Download this Name that Key flats and […]

Piano Heroes: Mission Start

Piano Heroes Mission Start book

Hello, Piano Teacher!How was your lesson today? Was your five-year-old bouncing around the class, interested in everything except piano? Was your six-year-old complaining about how boring piano lesson is? I know, believe me, I feel for you. I am a piano teacher and, just like you, I really like teaching the piano. I put my […]

20 DAY Bass Clef Candy Shop Challenge

20 day bass workbook

20 DAY Bass Clef Candy Shop Challenge is the second book in a series of note learning workbooks. The book utilizes the same short exercises, one page a day approach. It covers all the notes in bass clef, including ledger line notes. The exercises are grouped in days. There are 4 quizzes after every 5 […]

20 DAY Treble Clef Candy Shop Challenge

20 day treble notes workbook

Being able to read music is a very important aspect of music education. It opens a whole new world for young explorers! In my teaching, I try to introduce the notation from the very first lesson. As it might look a little overwhelming for the young children, I came up with an everyday practice workbook 20 […]