A Magical Way to Reinforce Note Learning


The success of learning piano depends on a few factors. One of them is very clear and simple but takes quite a long time until succession. It is a reading of music notation, especially with children. Their brain is curious and learns fast. The mastering of anything has to be in a game-like environment. And here is a great way to learn notes and to practice note recognition and application of knowledge in the bass and treble clefs for you.

SAM – A Sorcerer, an Apprentice, and a Magician – 3 minutes fun game for any age!

Why not a regular worksheet?

A typical beginner piano student is 5-6 years old. At this age, children just begin getting reading skills and their memory capacity is not that big to hold long instructions. The amount of information on one page of the worksheet could be frustrating. Using one card at a time helps children to concentrate on a smaller amount of information and process it faster. The game helps children to go to an imaginative place, learn, and have fun!


The game contains:

  • One game board;
  • 60 True and False cards in bass clef;
  • 60 True and False cards in treble clef;
  • Cards fill up 8 pages, and the size of the cards is quite small.

How to Play

  • Print out the board and cards. Cut out the cards. Laminate for lifelong use.
  • Before handing cards to the student, tell a story: A musical magician needs the student’s help to defeat the evil sorcerer. They can vanquish evil once and for all by matching the cards as true or false. Help the Magician save his music spells from the Sorcerer!
  • Give the student deck of cards and ask to help the magician organize them between the true and false on the game board. For more fun try timing the student to see how fast they can bring up the knowledge and apply it.

Through this board game, children will fall into the magical realm of music and enchantments. The Wizards game board, accompanied by True/False cards will help students to review the matching cards again and again without a sign of boredom.

Where to Find

Here is the link to SAM – A Sorcerer, an Apprentice and a Magician from our shop. If you are looking for other fun printables for your piano lessons, please subscribe to our newsletter and then visit the shop. Games, cards, worksheets and free printables will sparkle your everyday piano students’ life. Have Fun!

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