Halloween Theory Printables for the Piano Studio

Halloween Theory Printables

With Halloween just around the corner, all piano studios are getting ready for the spooky holiday. Decorated pianos, costumes, and themed props are being taken out of the boxes. The need for the holiday-themed theory activities provoked me to make a few worksheets for this week’s lessons. Subscribe today to our newsletter and stay tuned! As most of my students in the studio are beginners I concentrated on note recognition in a half and whole-step search assignment.

Spooky Note Search

Spooky Note Search is one page, colourful assignment for reviewing note names in the treble clef, middle C position. The assignment is for beginners of any age.

Learning notes | Free Printables | Teaching Aids | Halloween 2017 Theory Printables (Example 1)


One page, colourful worksheet to review notes in treble clef. 5 lines of notes in the middle C-G position. Estimated time of activity – 2 min. This simple worksheet is a great example of hands-on activity for beginners of any age.

BeWitched Half and Whole Steps

This worksheet is intended to help practice recognizing half and whole steps. The student has to choose and circle the right answer. Estimated time for finishing this activity – 1 to 2 min.

Learning notes | Free Printables | Teaching Aids | Halloween 2017 Theory Printables (Example 2)

Where to Find

You can find Halloween Theory Printables here. For more activities in note recognition please follow these links: Note Matching Cards/Worksheets Treble ClefNote Matching Cards/Worksheets Bass ClefNote Matching Cards/Worksheets Treble and Bass Clefs bundleA Sorcerer, an Apprentice and a Magician (SAM) – game If your students prefer Fall related activities, here are some fall-themed printables on note recognition.

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