Valentine’s Theory Printables – Print and Go!

Every holiday on our calendar is a great opportunity to diversify our piano studio’s day-to-day routine. [...]

Step Skip Repeat Reinforcing Pre-intervalic Music Reading

While the interval concept is quite hard to grasp for young piano learners, step, skip, [...]

Counting to Success: Counting the Beat Clip Cards

Beat clip cards are a fun way to diversify the learning of note values and [...]

Games Approach in Teaching Piano and Theory

In the twenty years of being a piano and music teacher, I have made a [...]

Holiday Rhythm Race Game and Worksheets

When it’s cold and snowy, all music studios are bundled up and drinking hot cocoa [...]

Interval Ninja Game, Beginner and Master Edition

Intervals are always a little scary for all students. Children have to read two notes [...]

Space and Line Notes DINO Worksheets

Parents are always surprised when their children start learning notes on the staff in two-three [...]

Black Keys! Why start the piano journey with learning it?

The easiest and most logical way to introduce a new student to the piano is [...]

Halloween Theory Printables for the Piano Studio

With Halloween just around the corner, all piano studios are getting ready for the spooky [...]

A Magical Way to Reinforce Note Learning

The success of learning piano depends on a few factors. One of them is very [...]

Four the Best Piano Studio Office Helpers

Have you ever wished to have elves in your studio to help with all that [...]

Sight Reading as an Everyday Exercise

Sight-reading often appears to be one of the most important elements of a lesson, hence [...]

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Musical Imagination

There is no doubt about the importance of imagination in forming a creative personality. We [...]

Music Staff Paper

Being a teacher for a long time, I noticed an urgent need for a music [...]


The ability to play instruments and piano improves brain ability, helps promote creativity, brings enjoyment, [...]