Google Me! Or How Can a Piano Studio Be Found?

Google me! Or how can a piano studio be found?

Hello and welcome to our series of blog posts on how to start a piano studio. We are glad you are with us! Today’s post is focusing on the visibility of your piano studio in your local area and we would like to share with you a few things which worked for us here in Canada.

Note that no two places on Earth are alike and people are different. What worked for our piano studio may or may not work in your local area and/or demographics. However, the internet is only growing and the online-based approaches listed below work almost everywhere where people have access to the internet. It does not mean that you have to teach online.

Just in case you have missed John, is it you? Or how do you name your piano studio? Remember that listing you get online has very limited real estate so everything must be in the name and it must scream that your business is teaching piano!

Google My Business

You may not realize it, but Google Maps is the number one go-to app when it comes to searching for a local business and believe it or not your piano studio is the best example of a local business. All in all, this is the first and foremost listing service your piano studio must take advantage of. To get the most out of Google My Business name your piano studio wisely!

The registration process is both hassle-free and, believe it or not, free too! This support article from mighty Google itself explains step by step how to add or claim your piano studio listing. Note that the very last step in the claiming process is verification. And it may take up to a week before your business appears on Google Maps as a genuine verified local business.


Surprise? Or not really? The website stays the number one magnet when it comes to bringing new students to our piano studio. Most of the time those are the parents who contact us after searching for piano lessons online. It does not have to be a super expensive and complex website. Can you make an omelette? Or how to scramble a piano studio website from scratch gives you an idea of how to put together a website on your own. Spinning a new website for a newborn piano studio is not that hard these days. Watch out though as there are many people out there who would be super happy to take money from you to do what you can do on your own.

Word of mouth

Same old Word of mouth is working the best when it comes to public relations of your piano studio. Make your very first students happy and more will come! It is reliable, it is free and it simply works. How can you utilize the word of mouth? Print a couple of hundred business cards. Happy parents will always be seeking ways to return the favour of you being a wonderful piano teacher. Always take any opportunity you get to hand it over to a parent, friend or neighbour.

Where is Facebook? you may say. Like I said earlier it depends on the area you live in. Facebook never brought students to our piano studio. However, some local communities do have active Facebook groups and you may end up finding students this way too. Look around, test and see if it works for you! As for the posting on Craigslist and Kijiji you have to be careful with those. Not only your price range would have to be on the low end, but they are also known to attract spam, elicitation and even malicious attacks.

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Start piano studio and enjoy teaching the piano!

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