John, Is It You? Or How Do You Name Your Piano Studio?

Hello and welcome to our series of blog posts on how to start a piano studio! What is your name? Numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau statistics suggest that around 50,000 John Smiths live in the United States of America alone. Are you John Smith? If not, then chances are you are the only piano teacher in town with a name like this. You feel like your name might be a good fit for the piano studio. How do you name your piano studio?

Associate it with piano teaching

Good examples would be the words like Piano Lessons with …, Learn Piano at …, Music Lessons from … The intent is to trigger the right associations. Make it your priority to make it as obvious as possible. Do not make any assumptions about the people who will be reading it. Any confusion in the name of your piano studio is the trigger to walk away. The trick is to combine two-three words which would uniquely identify what you are doing at your studio and work as a magnet for prospective clients looking for a private piano teacher in your area. You may also consider some of the musical terms, but keep the term which is easy to pronounce. You have figured out the words related to piano teaching, now make it unique.

Make it unique

There is no magic, no rocket science, no tricks. Make it unique and your clients will suddenly have no issue addressing it in their conversations and spreading the word. You want one happy mom to tell another how her son is enjoying taking Music Lessons at Laura’s Piano Studio or Learn Piano at Cadence. If the name is unique and easy to share the other mom would immediately find you on her phone, check your working hours, the time and directions on the map. Read here how to register your piano studio as a Google Business. She will schedule an introductory lesson to drop her son next week and perhaps the younger daughter too!

Remember that if the exchange is effortless then the conversion is guaranteed. Stuck with the unique part of your name and need some ideas? Google ‘pronounceable names generator’ to boost your imagination, or use Random Name Generator where you can pre-define parts of your name. The unique part of your name will eventually become your brand and even the internet domain for your piano studio. Now you have got both in your name the relation to the piano teaching and the unique component. You better list a few of them to successfully pass the next step as your next step is to verify it.

Search, verify and search again

These days it is extremely easy to conduct an advanced search of your prospective names and see if there is any match in your area. You want to avoid even a distant resemblance with any other local piano studio or a music school in town. In the next post, we will be talking about the importance of the matching web domain for your piano studio as well as your presence on social media. Take your time and do a thorough search of your prospective names on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other social media platform you can think of. If you find that your name sounds or looks similar, drop it and feel no regrets. Come up with another name, and repeat the process over again. The last thing you want is another John Smith in town.

Remember that a good name for your piano studio is an important factor in your initial marketing and making it right from the get-go will allow you to avoid surprises in the future. Good luck in your search for a good name!

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Start piano studio and enjoy teaching the piano!