Is It My Cow or Your’s? Or Why Do You Want a Domain Name for Your Piano Studio?

Hello and welcome to our series of blog posts on how to start a piano studio! Today we are talking about the importance of a domain name and some strategies for how to pick one for your piano studio. If you missed our previous blog post on naming strategies for your piano studio feel free to read it here as one of the steps was to come up with a unique component for your piano studio name or even use the pronounceable names generators. What is that unique component in the name of your piano studio? It is part of your brand.


Branding goes back to Egypt in 2,700 BC and was used to differentiate your cows from the neighbouring ones. The owner would brand its livestock with a distinctive symbol. Remember the unique component of your piano studio name? It could be your brand and your domain name indeed. If you did select a unique and pronounceable brand then you are ready now for the next step of utilizing the power of the Internet!

Domain Name

The first registered domain names appeared around 1985. Some domains are as old as the Internet itself because without an address you cannot be reached hence you do not exist. Just like your physical address, the domain names are also structured in a certain way. You have the top-level domains such as .studio, .com, .net, .co, .org with the second-level domains in front. The complete domain names may look like or or something similar to that.

You may consider more localized first-level domains like .ca, .us, .uk, this way you can encode the information about the origin of your piano studio. Some regionalized domain names will save you some money too as they are usually cheaper. In the same way, you can go with the more common or specialized domain name. It is your choice what domain you would like to use for your piano studio. The domain name should make sense and fit your overall brand strategy.

Tip: use Who is service to check if the domain name has already been registered by anybody and repeat the process from the beginning if required. It is normal to go through many iterations to find an available domain name you like. You found one. Now you are ready to register it!


To register the domain name for your piano studio you go to the registrar which is an accredited organization that sells the domain names to the public, you can read about domain registrars on Wiki. You can find plenty of registrars on the Internet, just google ‘buy domain’ and see the prices.

You will notice that the price of your domain will depend on many factors. However, in general, the prices on specific domains are more or less similar between registrars. Note that some registrars give away the domain names for free to lock you in. Always watch for the full price of the domain and consider your budget for the following years.

When you pick the registrar, have a look at the other products it is giving away at a lower price. You bundle the domain name with things like hosting or security products. It might also be cheaper to pay for 5 or 10 years at once if your budget allows that. Take your time and shop around to make a comfortable choice of the registrar as you will stay with it for a long time.

Congratulations, your piano studio just got the domain name! Read our next blog post on what you can do with it. Don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly giveaway and stay tuned.

Start piano studio and enjoy teaching the piano!