Space and Line Notes DINO Worksheets

Space and Line Notes DINO Worksheets

Parents are always surprised when their children start learning notes on the staff in two-three lessons. For many of them, who have never learned or played an instrument, the notation is almost like the art of Chinese hieroglyphs. It is always fun to see parents’ amusement when their children do exercises and name notes, and actually, enjoy doing that.

When is it time for Space and Line Notes learning?

After learning keyboard geography and patterning with two and three black keys groups comes time to start learning note staff and notes on it. After we establish the musical alphabet, we follow the Introduction of space and line notes. Even though children grasp this concept very quickly, we spend a decent amount of time practicing writing and recognizing space and line notes. It will help them to learn the places of particular notes easily. We practice space and line notes on the blanc staff and with clefs, slowly preparing to read notes in the treble and bass clefs. Space and Line Notes DINO Worksheets will help me to make that transition fast and easy. Space and line booklet provides teachers with an opportunity to allow their students to learn the logic behind notes and their order. The way that the worksheet is organized assists the students in learning a few notes and where they belong.

What is in the booklet

In the first two sheets of a clef free ‘I Spy’ game in which students will be called to identify and circle notes that are situated on the lines and in the spaces. Students can learn where these notes belong without any confinement of rules or restrictions that staffs with clefs pose. One sheet of circling notes in spaces and one sheet of circling notes on lines. The notes will be situated in the treble clef to introduce children to see notes on the staff with a clef. The two treble clef worksheets will be followed by two worksheets that focus on the bass clef. Many studies conducted by psychologists have shown that humans have the best pattern-detecting skills. This goes in the student’s favour as they survey the problem and finish the staff. Another pair of worksheets; with a staff that begins with a treble clef asks the student to draw four notes in spaces and five on lines. Then is followed by worksheets with a staff that begins with a bass clef and asks the student to draw the four notes in spaces and five on lines. Last but not least, writing exercises with ‘draw line note on line #…’ and ‘draw space note in the space #…’ are included in the booklet too. Total count of pages in the booklet: 10 sheets of colour worksheets with cute dinos and 10 sheets of black and white with no graphics.

Where to Find

You can find Space and Line Notes DINO Worksheets here. If you looking for other fun printables to your piano lessons, please subscribe to our newsletter and then visit Start Piano Studio shop here. Enjoy your teaching!

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