Valentine Piano Games and Worksheets


Christmas is a distant memory, and it is time to colour your studio in different palettes. How about Valentine’s Piano Games and Worksheets? To brighten the gloomy days of February, add some colourful Valentine-themed activities to your studio every day and invigorate the learning routine. Check out some worksheets and games from the Piano Heroes collection.

Valentine Letters


Step, skip and repeat concepts are vital for the understanding of intervals and fluent music reading. Last year’s favourite Valentine’s Letters will be an amazing training game for reinforcing step and skip concepts. Here is a link to the video.

Valentine Bass and Treble Bird Song


Brand new matching activities to reinforce note recognition in bass and treble clefs. Those activities can be done as a learning exercise and also as a review with the use of a stopwatch.

Treble Bird Song

Bass Bird Song

Valentine Scale Worksheets


The Major and Minor Scale Worksheets aimed to help students build fundamental knowledge of scale structure using half and whole-step formulas. Progressive exercises include creating ascending and/or descending scales using accidentals or key signatures. This pack consists of 13 pages of C, G, D, F, Bb major and A, E, B, D, G minor scales, 2-3 exercises per page. You can find a free sample of the worksheets here, here, here and here.

Valentine Bass and Treble Note Hunt


For the younger students who have just started learning piano, Bass Note Hunt and Treble Note Hunt will help to secure note reading skills.

More Valentine Printables

Need more Valentine Piano Games and Worksheets? Last year’s printables are also cute and can be useful for working on some piano theory concepts. Check the links below!

Name a Key (white keys)

Name that Key (black keys)

Heart Beat Rhythm Study

Find a Key

Find a Match

Valentine Practice Assignment Pages

Happy Teaching!

Valentine's Day Products

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